Making the Most of “Monday Eve”

One of my Facebook friends commented yesterday that Sundays feel like “Monday Eve.” I’ll admit, sometimes by the time Little C goes to bed on Sunday night, I’m feeling like I need just one more day in the weekend to make me feel like I’ve had time to accomplish anything. Especially this time of year, Sunday is the only day I know Big C (my husband) will not be in the field, and we try to pack a lot into that one day.

Last night, though, once Little C was tucked away, we decided to watch a movie. I’d heard that the movie “Farmland” was being offered for free this month on Hulu, and we’d both been wanting to see it even though it didn’t play in any theaters near us. I’d never used Hulu before, but after figuring out how to plug the laptop into our TV we were ready to go.

The movie is a documentary about six young (under 30) farmers and ranchers from different parts of the country, working on different types of operations. Each one shares his or her story and talks candidly about why they do what they do and the highs and lows they’ve experienced as they make their way in agriculture.

One of the farmers in the movie talked about how difficult it is to start farming from scratch today, when you’re paying for inputs nearly a year in advance and being completely at the mercy of Mother Nature to produce enough crop or livestock to cover those bills. I don’t know of any other industry where you can work as long and as hard and still, with one storm or drought or disease, have nothing to show for it. And even if you do end up with a good yield, you’re at the mercy of people in Chicago, or China, or who knows where to set the price you’ll ultimately receive. It’s something that I don’t think people outside of agriculture really understand.

We both thought it was very well done and a fair, accurate picture of modern farming, something that isn’t often portrayed in Hollywood. I hope they’re not just “preaching to the choir” with the digital release on Hulu – that the intended audience of non-farmers takes the time to watch. It’s a breath of fresh air among so many negative and confusing stories in the media about agriculture today.

Farmland: The Movie on Hulu


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