Day 3: Do What You Gotta Do

There is always work to be done around our house. We have a few pigs and a dozen chickens, and a large, lazy dog, all of whom enjoy being fed every day. We have a good-sized yard that needs mowing once a week in the summertime. I have several flower beds and a vegetable garden that need weeding regularly. And don’t even ask about things that need to be done inside the house!

In order to get everything done, there has to be a team effort involved. One person can’t do it all by themselves. Especially with the addition of Little C, there just aren’t enough hours of daylight sometimes.

Normally, Big C takes care of much of the outdoor care and maintenance. He mows and string trims the lawn, cares for the vehicles, and does the daily livestock chores. However, during certain times of the year, he’s not home much because he’s in the field, and that’s when I have to step up and take care of those tasks as well as the other things I normally do inside.

Now, I suppose I could say that I shouldn’t have to mow the lawn or feed the animals because that’s “his job,” but that wouldn’t help get those things done. In order to have a successful farm and a successful family, we all have to work together and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of who usually handles the task.

Helping Daddy

We switched over to Daylight Saving Time yesterday and that means even when I leave work exactly on time (which doesn’t happen too often), I arrive home in the dark. I also had a call as I was leaving the office today that I needed to make a parts run all the way across town. By the time I did that and took it to the field, where I met my mom and Little C (my mom keeps her for us most days), it was good and dark when we arrived at home.

Little C loves the animals and I was happy to take her out to care for them, even though we had to use a flashlight. I had to scoop two buckets of corn screenings out of a wagon for the pigs, and while she was watching me, she asked, “Doing, Momma?” I told her we were going to feed the pigs and would she like to help? A big smile came across her face and said “Helping Momma!” and walked right out with me.

I’m glad she seems to enjoy helping around the farm. I hope that by example I can teach her that doing what needs doing is important and a way to show others we care about them, by helping make their load a little lighter.

Little C, my little farm girl, I hope you are always willing to help out and do whatever job needs doing,

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