Day 4: Clearance is Our Friend!

An early post today – I took the day off work to stay home with Little C while my mom serves as an election judge (hope you voted!). I have an overnight work trip scheduled later this week, so it was nice to have some extra time with her.

We started the morning with a few errands. We went to the “big box” store to pick up some odds and ends, Aldi for a few groceries, and then stopped by my favorite consignment shop (shout out to Castaways!) and a local thrift store. I found some great items at both places for both Little C and myself. I usually do especially well with clothes for her – kids grow so fast most of the items are practically brand new!

I can’t tell you the number of times in my life I’ve heard my dad say the phrase “clearance is our friend.” From an early age, I was taught about the value of money and easy ways to save on things we want and need. I always shop the clearance racks first and try to wait for other household items to go on sale or use coupons any time I can.

We also enjoy going to flea markets, auctions, and garage sales, where we’ve found great deals over the years. When we first became licensed foster care providers, my mom hit the garage sale circuit and bought a wide assortment of toys and clothes in a variety of sizes, just in case we would be asked to care for a child with nothing of his or her own. And then when we discovered Little C was on the way, she had even more fun shopping for just the right things for Grandma’s house, most purchased for a fraction of their original cost.

Little C at about a month old with her very first $2 bill from Grandma J!

Little C at about a month old with her very first $2 bill from Grandma J!

I want Little C to learn there is nothing wrong with buying and using items secondhand, or waiting until they go on sale if possible. I want her to become a financially independent and secure woman someday. Should she choose to pursue an agricultural livelihood, the uncertainty of markets and yields from year to year mean it’s even more important to save during the good times to make it through the bad.

Little C, my little farm girl, I want you to remember “clearance” and his friendly ways as you begin to make your own choices about money.

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