Day 5: Where Food Comes From

I’m going to start off today with a couple photos most parents will probably find familiar:

Spaghetti Avocado

Little C’s first attempts to feed herself were messy to say the least. But she’s much better with her fork and spoon now, and definitely has her favorite foods. In fact, if you ask her what she wants to eat, nine times out of ten she will answer “Cheese!”

While I’m fixing her meals, we often talk about where the food she’s eating comes from. I want her to know that milk and hamburgers come from cows, pork chops come from pigs, and fruits and vegetables grow in many different places, some from our very own garden.

Many children today are three or four or more generations removed from the farm, and believe that cheese comes from the dairy case and eggs magically appear in cartons. I think it’s extremely important to teach children where their food is grown and raised, and how as farmers we take care to produce safe, healthy choices.

This spring, we decided to try our hand at raising chickens, and we’ve had some success. One of Little C’s favorite things is to help me gather eggs. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of “fragile” and we’ve had several eggs scrambled on the chicken coop floor. But even at 19 months old, she knows eggs come from chickens.

We also raise a few pigs each year, mostly for our own meat needs. She enjoys saying hi to the pigs when we’re outside and has very little fear of them. When the time comes to process the meat, she’ll probably be around as we cut chops and grind sausage, and I’m glad for that.

Checking Out the Pigs

This summer, she was a big help in the garden, picking green beans and peppers right alongside me, even taking a few bites right there! As she gets older, I hope she’ll want to take on more responsibility for choosing what we plant in the garden and helping tend it, and even learning how to preserve what we grow for later use. Canning is a skill she and I could work on together!

Little C, my little farm girl, I’m glad you’ll grow up knowing where your food comes from.


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