Day 10: Think it Through

Every day, we hear thousands of messages. Somehow, we have to sort through them all and decide which messages we believe, which ones require action, and which ones to ignore. It’s not easy to develop the skills needed to figure out who and what to listen to – but I hope to equip Little C with the tools to do just that.

It seems like lately there has been a lot of conversation about food. Because it’s something we all need to survive, food has always been important – but in the last few years I’ve heard more people talking more loudly about where their food comes from, what ingredients are included, and why this is good for you but that is not.

I think it’s awesome that people are beginning to pay more attention to the way we produce food here in America. We have a safe, abundant food supply that is extremely affordable. We have choices and a free market that allows for a variety of production methods and options for purchasing what goes into our refrigerators and pantries. That, to me, is a true blessing.

As we as a nation have become more interested in food production, many different people and groups have added their voices to the conversation. Some of these people offer insightful food for thought (pun intended) while others seem to focus less on the facts and more on the emotions.

I hope she doesn't always think inside the box!

I hope she doesn’t always think inside the box!

I’ve grown up around agriculture my whole life. I know what good farmers do and the reasons why. I also know there are some bad farmers out there, just as there are many good doctors and a few bad, many good teachers and a few bad, and many good lawyers and a few bad. It hurts when I hear others making broad statements about how we do our work and the products we produce without thoughtfully listening to those who may see things differently or have additional knowledge on a particular subject.

I want Little C to be able to listen to all sides of an issue, whether it’s about food or anything else, before making a sweeping judgment of a situation. I want her to call upon her own experiences and reach out to others who may have more knowledge than she does to help her gather all the facts before making up her mind. I don’t want or expect her to believe everything I do, but I do want her to make up her own mind and be able to present a logical reason why.

Little C, my little farm girl, I want you to grow up able to listen to all sides of an issue, and use good judgment and credible sources to form your own opinions.

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