Day 15: You’re Washable!

About a month ago, I received a phone call from my husband while I was traveling home from work.

“I just want to apologize.”

Immediately concerned, I picked up my pace and tentatively asked “What happened?”

Laughing, he said “Little C found a mud puddle!” And this is what I saw a few minutes later upon arriving home:


She was having so much fun I couldn’t be mad. After all, she’s washable!

Life is messy. Especially on the farm, there are some jobs that are unpleasant and require a nice long shower after they’re done. Mud, grease, sweat, manure, and more are part of the territory. But when those jobs need to be done, there’s no time to worry about staying spotless.

Illness, broken hearts, and hard times can also cause messes in life and relationships. I hope Little C learns how to respond with love and compassion when those she loves need a little help picking up the pieces. And I pray that someday she understands the need to be cleansed of her own sins by the grace of God.

Little C, my little farm girl, please don’t be afraid to jump in, even if it means getting a little dirty in the process.


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