Day 16: Never Stop Learning

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past 20 months as I watch Little C experience the world. Especially since her first birthday, it’s almost as though you can see her learning new things.

The other day she surprised me again. She went into our office and came out with my calculator. I asked what she had found and she said “Calculator,” plain as day. I had never used the calculator around her or showed her one before, but somewhere she learned the name for that particular item. Now it’s become her new favorite toy.


I’m trying to create a home where learning is easy and encouraged. Along with toys just for fun, she has letter magnets on the fridge, talking toys that name shapes and colors, and scores of books. She doesn’t watch a lot of television, but when she does it’s almost always Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, or something else on PBS. (Side note: What did our parents do without a DVR? It’s wonderful to be able to play back “Elmo” anytime we want!)

When we’re out and about, I point out things we see out the car windows and explain the uses and features of items we buy at the store. She asks a hundred times a day, “Doing?” which I try to always answer honestly with whatever task I may be doing at the time. I want her to be excited about learning new things.

Life is a learning process, and I don’t think a person ever outgrows the ability to learn new things, only the desire to do so. I want Little C to have the tools to learn and understand whatever life brings her way, whether it’s new technology, skills for her future workplace, or a curiosity to find out more about something just for fun.

In the words of Louis Armstrong – “I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, they’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know.”

Little C, my little farm girl, I hope you never lose the love for learning you’re already displaying so well.


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