Day 23: There’s No Place Like Home!

For not yet being two years old, Little C has had quite a bit of travel experience.

We live in Illinois, and she’s been from the northern part to the southern tip. She’s been to Missouri twice, Wisconsin three times, and Iowa at least once. We drove to Florida last winter to visit my grandparents, so she’s been through Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. She and Big C also had the opportunity to go with me to two work conferences, one in Nashville and the other in Pittsburgh. We drove to both, so she’s also been through Indiana, Ohio, and a tiny bit of West Virginia.

Too bad she probably won’t remember all of this, except through pictures!


Ever since we received the blessing to take her out in public at six weeks old, we’ve taken her along to all sorts of places. Restaurants, stores, weddings, fairs, pretty much anywhere she was welcome and the weather cooperated. I was told when I was pregnant that if we took her out in public from day one that she’d just get used to it. So far, that’s worked pretty well. We haven’t had any major issues yet, and she’s a great traveler.


I hope she stays that way. There’s a great big world out there, and exploring new places is a lot of fun! There’s a lot to be said about experiencing different parts of the country and the world firsthand, and there are places whose beauty can’t be done justice by photographs.

I want her to learn how to travel safely and smartly, especially if she’s going places by herself. I never traveled alone until my job asked that of me, and the first time I had to get myself to and through unfamiliar airports and cities with nobody else around I knew was a little intimidating. But like most things, the more you do it the easier it gets, and I’m much more comfortable traveling independently now. It’s an important skill to learn.


I also want her to experience the joys and challenges of traveling with others – especially with family! It’s been so much fun for me to watch her seeing things I’m familiar with for the first time. The older she gets, the more enjoyable that will be – I can’t wait to take her to the ocean, or the big city, or Disney World! And I also am looking forward to visiting some places for the first time together.


But the best part of travel by far is coming home. Going away really makes you appreciate what you have right under your own roof and the blessings around you every day in your own backyard. When I’m gone, even overnight, walking in the door to a little voice saying “Hi Mommy!” and a hug from Big C makes all right with the world.

Little C, my little farm girl, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to travel all sorts of new places, and I hope that makes your realize there truly is no place like home.


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