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That Darn Cat!

Like many rural dwellers, we have our fair share of creatures that make it onto our property. Some are on purpose (pigs, chickens, dogs), and some (raccoons, skunks, and possums) most definitely are not.

Barn cats have always been in that gray area between the two. While I like having a few cats around to help with mouse patrol, we haven’t actively introduced any to our place in quite a few years. They just seem to appear, and usually aren’t very tame – but never seem to turn down the bowl of cheap cat food I try to keep filled.

Growing up, I remember spending hours in the barn, searching out newly-born kittens and taming them into pets. My favorite cat, Purrfecta (I know, I was awesome at names), followed me around the yard and put up with a lot. I clearly remember the day I thought it would be a good idea to put her in the mailbox – I’m sure our mailman remembered that day for a long time, too.


imageAfter losing two dogs last year in close succession (one to old age and one hit on the road), we’ve been without a pet for the longest stretch in our marriage. Big C and I have been talking about some kind of pet for Little C to grow up with, but hadn’t made any decisions.

Last Saturday, that decision seems to have been made for us.

After taking a walk to get the mail, Little C and I decided to go check out the new batch of feeder pigs that just came home the day before. After counting them (there are seven), she exclaimed, “Mommy, look, a kitty!”

Thinking it was one of the usual barn cats, I turned around to see this pretty orange striped cat walking toward us. She was instantly smitten, and I was sure it would turn tail and run once it saw a three-year-old headed its way.

I was wrong.

Purring audibly, the cat came closer and allowed me to pick it up. Little C and I sat down and I let her scratch his (yes, his!) head and rub his belly. This cat has obviously been around people, specifically children, because I have never seen such a good-natured cat, let alone a tomcat.

It followed us up to the house and and allowed Little C to cuddle, carry, and have a one-sided conversation about how cu-ute he was and look at his little ears, Mommy!

imageThis also happened. It looks like he’s trying to escape, but no, he’s just limp.

It’s been four days now and the cat’s still around. I told Little C that sometimes cats on farms don’t always stay because they like to go see their other cat friends, but maybe this one’s decided to make our place his home base.


I guess that means he needs a name. Considering his patience, I’m pulling for Job.

Little C? She likes Snowball.