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More or Less

When I became pregnant, I knew motherhood would change me – more or less.

Now that I’ve been a mom for two years, I’ve realized just how much that was true.

I know more about the characters and general storylines of “Sofia the First” and “Doc McStuffins.”

I can survive on less sleep.

We own more pairs of sparkly shoes and choosing which pair to wear on any given day is serious business.

While I still like to look my best, I’ve modified my routine to spend less time getting ready and more time enjoying morning snuggles.

I care less about having an immaculate house and more about whether Little C’s enjoying her books and toys and not being afraid to make a little mess once in awhile. (But let’s be honest, I never cared too much about having a perfectly clean house.)

I think more about spending quality time together, and wonder if the quanitity is enough, too.

Sitting down to a hot meal happens less, after cutting up chicken nuggets and picking up dropped forks and refilling empty milk glasses.

I worry more about the things that matter and less about the things that don’t.

I’ve listened to more renditions of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and the silly made-up songs she invents in the car.

I have more patience…except for the days I have less.

I pray more – for her, for me, for the world in which she’ll live and grow and, hopefully, make a better place.

I appreciate my own parents more. Much, much more.

I’ve fallen more in love watching Big C as a daddy and sharing this journey of parenthood with him.

I spend less money on myself, but I have found many more riches than I ever imagined.

My days are filled with more laughter, more peace, more joy, and more love than I thought possible.

So, has motherhood changed me? More or less.Two Days Old


A Needed Break!

I’ve been quiet on here since the end of November – I needed a little break after completing the challenge! Thanks to everyone who read along and (hopefully) enjoyed what I had to say.

In the eight days of December, it’s been busy around here. Of course the Thanksgiving holiday meant a little travel and delicious food, and I also found time to put up most of my Christmas décor that weekend, since I had Friday off work as well. I did just a bit of Black Friday shopping, only going to two stores, but I was able to find almost everything I set out for at really good prices!

Last week I had some work travel on Monday, then we took Little C to her first farm show on Tuesday. She seemed to really enjoy looking at the equipment and won a few hearts by giving out high fives to most of the people we visited with!

She loved sitting in this tractor! Pretty sure Pa-Pa was about to pull out his checkbook so she could take it home (just kidding!)

She loved sitting in this tractor! Pretty sure Pa-Pa was about to pull out his checkbook so she could take it home (just kidding!)

Wednesday I was in a workshop related to my job all day, and Thursday morning I had the opportunity to work with a colleague to present information about agricultural careers to eighth grade students at a local school. They will be choosing their freshman year courses in January, and the high school ag instructor set up a “speed dating” session with eight different facets of agriculture for the students to rotate among. It’s a great idea, and it opens the eyes of a mostly urban student population to the variety of opportunities in the ag industry. And it reminds me that I’m not cut out to be a teacher – I’m exhausted after one morning! I do enjoy being asked to help out, though, and hope to be contacted again next year.

Then on Friday we traveled to the Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau annual meeting. My company is a sponsor of the event and I went as a company representative and also served as a judge for one of the Young Farmer and Agriculturist competitions. It was the second time I’ve been to that meeting and once again, it did not disappoint. Great sessions, excellent competitors, and wonderful networking opportunities made it a valuable weekend.

However, Little C had another idea. On Saturday morning, she developed her first stomach bug and spent the rest of the day sick. I was so grateful that Big C, my parents, and brother were also there, because I had a judging commitment that afternoon I couldn’t easily change. She wasn’t able to keep anything down all day, and we ended up taking her to urgent care to make sure she wasn’t becoming dehydrated. Even sick, she still charmed all the nurses and both doctors who checked her over! After an anti-nausea pill and a cup of pedialyte, three hours later we headed back to the hotel.

Took this picture to check to see if she was asleep so I wouldn't have to move her. Yes, that's her swimsuit cover up, we were getting desperate on tops.

Took this picture to check to see if she was asleep so I wouldn’t have to move her. Yes, that’s her swimsuit cover up, we were getting desperate on tops.

Thankfully, that helped her turn the corner and by yesterday morning she was much more like herself. Being sick is never fun, and especially not when you’re away from home. But we made it, and I had the best support team I could have hoped for!

By the time we left this morning, she was ready to "ride" the elephant statue in the lobby!

By the time we left this morning, she was ready to “ride” the elephant statue in the lobby!

Like Big C said during the wait at urgent care, “I don’t want to be here, but since we have to be, I’m glad it’s with you.”


Day 12: Can We Fix It?

Just because Little C is a girl doesn’t mean I don’t want her to learn how to do things sometimes considered “boy things.” Someday she may be living on her own and knowing how to do some of these things may come in handy, or at least help her save a little money. Things like basic vehicle maintenance, how to unclog a toilet or fix a slow bathtub drain, or how to install an electrical outlet.

I want her to know how to use tools.

For her first birthday, we gave her a toy workbench. It lights up and sings songs about hammering and drilling and helping others fix things, and teaches numbers and colors. Some would wonder why we gave that toy to our daughter (for the record, she also received a Cabbage Patch doll) when it’s normally a boy’s toy. We wanted her to learn the names and uses of basic tools, and become comfortable with the concept of fixing and building things.

Tool Bench

In today’s throwaway world, the ability to actually repair and maintain the things we use often is a rare skill. Knowing how to use a screwdriver, pliers, a hammer, or a drill are skills many kids don’t grow up with today, boys or girls. I’ve been blessed with a father and now a husband who are extremely handy and it’s wonderful to know they can usually come up with a way to fix almost anything.

Little C already knows her hammer from her screwdriver, and loves nothing more than to visit Daddy in the shop and remove every wrench from the rack conveniently at her level. As she gets older, Big C is excited to teach her how to work on lawn mowers and eventually, her own car someday.

We’ve decided that each year, either for Christmas or her birthday in March, we will buy her a good quality tool for her real-life toolbox. Not the cheaply made, pink flowered ones marketed to women who won’t really use them, but ones that Big C would be proud to keep in his own tool chest. By the time she is ready to leave home, for college or work or whatever path her life leads, she’ll have a great basic collection and the know-how to use them.

Little C, my little farm girl, your father and I will teach you about tools and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with using them to fix or build anything you want.

Thanks for following along!

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