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Day 27: #FirstWorldProblems

Whenever I start to complain about something, lately I’ve been trying to put it in the perspective of “first world problems.”

“I was running late to work and had to park all the way in the back of the parking lot.” First world problem. I have a job to go to that provides for my family’s basic needs and a lot of extras. I have reliable transportation to get me to and from said job. I have a comfortable bed in a safe home and an adorable daughter who needed just one more hug.

“I have a pile of clothes to iron and it’s going to take me all night.” First world problem. I have clothes. I have enough clothes that they were able to pile up without needing to wear those certain items. I have the tools in my home to clean them and press them so I can do those tasks at my leisure.

I usually stick out my tongue too, when it's time to iron.

I usually stick out my tongue too, when it’s time to iron.

“I used too much data on the wireless plan and had to type a couple blog posts on the iPad. Not having a real keyboard really slowed me down!” First World Problem (capitals intended). An iPad at my disposal. Reliable internet service in my home. Time to “waste” on something as frivolous as a blog.

“The weather was too dry/wet/cold/hot and crop yields weren’t as high as we expected.” First world problem. They’re still higher than much of the world. We have crop insurance to help make up some of the difference. Today’s hybrids are bred to perform better in extreme weather conditions – even 20 years ago, it would have been much more devastating.


No matter what troubles, big or small, we may be facing, WE ARE BLESSED. Even when it seems as though nothing is going right, we still have food on the table, a roof over our heads, the freedom to explore different options, and the love of our God and our family. Compared to much of the world, we’re rich beyond measure.

It’s easy to get bogged down in a pessimistic, woe-is-me attitude from time to time, but that can’t be the place we stay. There is too much to be thankful for to be anything but grateful for all the blessings all around us. Taking a step back to put our problems in perspective can make all the difference.

I read a quote on Facebook recently that said “No matter how bad you think things are, remember that you’re living someone else’s fairy tale.” We’ve had our share of unpleasant things happen in our lives, and the thing that brought me through the toughest times was knowing that I couldn’t change the situation but I could change my attitude and reaction, and to remember that there is a reason for everything, which someday will be made clear.

Many people are turning their thoughts to thankfulness today, which is wonderful – but shouldn’t we do that every day?

Little C, my little farm girl, I want you to have an attitude of gratitude. Know that no matter how difficult life may be, you’re richly blessed.